Run basic math in real time on a form using JavaScript

Basic formulas work great but sometimes, you’ll want to display a simple calculation on the form in real-time.

Here’s an example of how this could look using some HTML inside a form and JavaScript. In the GIF below, we are multiplying Amount by Quantity and displaying the result above the save button.

First, we’ll need to add the following to the HTML source code inside a Form Component

<p id="total">$0.00</p>

Next, you’ll need to find the HTML ID of the input fields. In this example, I’m using “Amount” and “Quantity” which id’s are fieldkOGQ3gQlnA and field_field_38

Finally, we’ll add the JavaScript Code to the JavaScript section of the page. (Make sure you remember to update fieldkOGQ3gQlnA and field_field_38 to your unique input values

var amountInputId = 'fieldkOGQ3gQlnA';
var quantityAmountId = 'field_field_38';
var inputsHaveLoaded = false;

function checkIfInputsHaveLoaded() {
    if(inputsHaveLoaded === false) {
        if ($('#'+quantityAmountId).html() !== undefined && $('#'+amountInputId).html() !== undefined) {
            inputsHaveLoaded = true;
       window.setTimeout(checkIfInputsHaveLoaded, 100);
    } else {
        var calculateAndUpdateDom = function(){
            var amountInput = $('#'+amountInputId).val();
            var quantityAmount = $('#'+quantityAmountId).val();
            var calc = amountInput * quantityAmount;


:grinning: Answers all kinds of questions.

Just saw this. Thanks, Moe. As @wescar says, this answers lots of questions.

I’m curious: If you store the field IDs, then the script won’t break if the field display names change, will it?