Save Date/Time Fields As Logged In Users Current Local Date/Time

The title says it all. Instead of just having “Current Date/Time” as an option when using form rules to set a date/time field, it would be incredible to have an option that was…

Set [date/time field] to [logged in user’s] [current local date/time]

Obviously it would be based on the local user’s time zone. The workaround that I’m aware of is to display the Date/Time field as “display only” within the form, and have it defaulted to “Current Date/Time” in the field settings. This isn’t working for me though. For some reason it doesn’t always work when added to the form that way.

I’d love to know if this is something that can be added as an easy win, or if this would be more of a long term development idea. This would move the world for me if it could be made to happen.

This is interesting but it would only be relevant if your app was forcing users to allow location services.

I remember a pipe being used to always display in a users local time. Would that be helpful?

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That’s actually what made me think of this. That wouldn’t be helpful in my situation, because I want to save the data in their local time, not just display it that way. I want every time to be recorded as the users local device time.

In this instance, every user is required to have location services on anyways. We are building a business application that is used by remote field workers, who are required to allow their location. The way we do it currently on the other non-tadabase platform, is by displaying the date/time field as display only on the form, which then displays the user’s local device time instead of the app time.

That’s also what I’m trying to do right now in Tadabase. But I have 4 date/time fields setup the same way and it only shows the device date/time on the display only field in 1 of the 4 forms, so I am at a loss there.

We’ve gone to hell and back trying to figure out the best way to manage time zones. The best solution for all of our use cases has always been to save times according to the local user’s device. Haven’t had any issues with location services or missing times or anything.

I can’t think of any reason it would be different in Tadabase vs the other tool. Also, if it can work by being displayed as display only on the form, it should be pretty easy to let it work as a form rule behind the scenes I would think.

The values are already there, I just don’t have access to use them currently.