Save draft page for user

Hi all,
How can I create a “Save draft” function to user, aside with submit function?

@tenny Is your intention to save it as a draft in the database or on that specific user’s computer? I’m sure this can be done via local storage.

Using a pipe you can likely save all fields to another ‘draft’ table. and then have another pipe button that loads the draft from that table. This will require a very customized Pipe.

Let me know which approach you’d prefer and I can try and assist.

thx for quick response, I would like to let the user create draft and save in the database. The user can then retrieve the draft and complete the form to submit.

The only way I can think of doing this is using login in the data builder and forms.

For example, create a new Decision field called “Draft” then add that to the form.

Set a button display rule that will change the button text to “Save as Draft” when that checkbox is selected.

Finally, create a table/list so user can see all the drafts and select one to edit which will load all the form fields in a new form.

I can elaborate a bit more if necessary. Let me know.

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