Schedule regular update for fields of count values from another table

In my user table I have a complex formula (count number) which is looking how many times this person is connected to records in another table.
This case: One recruiter is connected to several jobs she needs to fill. So I have 2 tables: users and jobs.
I see that the number is not right and is not updated.
I have been looking at the scheduled task, but this field in the user table is not showing up when I chose update record

If it is not updating automatically, how can I let this update regularly. Can I use a trigger like update field in the jobs table or create record ?

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@Peter Peter-

Since you have a count formula already established, what you are looking to do? Are you looking to send an automated email to the recruiter stating how many and what open jobs they have to complete?

What I have done in the past is create a Count (complex formula) field in the parent table then create a normal numbers field in the child table. Then using Table Rules in the child table I will update the correct and set the numbers field to the connected record of the Count field in the parent table. This will allow you to run a multitude of different tasks and such that don’t recognize a formula as a variable to use.

Does that make sense?


Thanks Adam for your answer. @SafetyUniversity
I will explain a little more:

The green circled is a complex formula with a count in the table Jobs. The field Jobs per Recruiter doesn’t get updated automatically. The number is wrong if I compare it to the actual jobs. So I would like this one to be force updated, with an automation.

As you don’t have OR and I need to have either 1 of 2 conditions I had to work with “is not”

This is the table Jobs:

So as we don’t have SQL to do a query (I am struggling a lot with this) I tried to use the existing possibilities, so I made a count field in the user table to count the number of jobs per recruiter with a certain condition met. This is what they actually at a given point of time have to work on.

I use this to show in the program like this:

The actual numbers are 8, 4 and 15. These numbers above have not been updated since I made the count in the user table.

But your idea to send a weekly update with the number of jobs and which ones, is a good idea. I will work on that one, as soon as this glitch in counting is solved.

This has been solved with the technical team on the chat.
I think you can delete this post, because it is based on a mistake I made.

The fields do update automatically, so this post a non issue
@tim.young @Chem