Scheduled Tasks Post Action Option to Update Each Record

It would be amazing if the scheduled tasks, post action had the option to update the record. Let me explain:

If the Action tab is used to Send an Email, Send a Text, or Create a PDF; it would be awesome if you could then use the post action to update a field in the current record to mark the record as “Email Sent” or “Text Sent” or “PDF Created”.

I realize that the post action is only triggered once all the record tasks have been completed but if there was a way to do this it would be a nice confirmation that things were done.

Why would this be needed?

Let’s say you have a task that runs every day and that task is set to send a welcome email to a new user at 1 pm every day and the condition is that the new user has never had the welcome email sent before.

In order for this to work, there has to be a field in the user table that indicates if a welcome email has been sent yet which is where the post action would come in. To achieve something like this at the moment we have to use outside integration (Zapier or Make).

Let me know if this makes sense to you all!

@SuiteUpstairs I very much see the use case here and think its something we will eventually add. Ideally we hope to make alll tasks into a workflow that can have logic and route based on responses.

This has come up in the past and the interim solution was to use a pipe instead of the built “Send Email” or “Send Text”

Essentially, using something like the SendGrid pipe when you send an email in the task, you can get feedback about the email and update a record value from the pipe response.

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Thanks Moe, that’s a good suggestion, I’ll explore that.