Search Component - Default settings or save state

Love the search component! I’m currently going through my pages that had filter tabs and adding the search component.

One thing that’s frustrating is that while going through a list of records (product of search results) and viewing record details pages, when I go back to the list of records - the search results are reset. At the very least, it would be great to have default search settings so that I don’t always have to apply the same search filters (I realize this is the intended purpose of filter tabs but search is such a nicer feature).

Best case scenario would be the search component saving the user set filters until manually cleared. Not sure if this is even possible through page loads and refreshes.


Hi @tim.young ,

It would be great to have a solution for keeping the search parameters in memory somehow.
Is this already on the roadmap?

Richard Hilgen

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Not at this time, no. I will update this thread if that changes.

A solution will be to prevent the parent page from reloading. So after the filtering, open the edit window in a new page. But then the user needs to close the page via the little cross. On submit the parent page is not reloaded and the filtering is still there.

Is it possible to add a html button to close the new page?