Search component - filter before search in background

How do I filter the table before search takes place, so filter in the background on results.

Background: I have a table with versions of different procedures and policies within our ISO 27001 part of our application.
I want to limit search results to the active versions only, so it should not look into the draft versions of this procedure.
This is the situation: I would like the part Status Is Active to be preset and not shown.

Can you do that ijn TB?

Hi Peter

Have you tried setting the ‘status’ in the URL parameters of the page. You could even hide that field from users so that they were unaware the status filter had been applied - if you wished.

i tried it, but just adding behind the url


doesn’t do it.

Probably you need to add some JS to make it work?

Hey @Peter

If I’m understanding you correctly, it sounds like you could simply apply data source filters directly to the table component its component settings.

If you would like to pursue the URL parameter method, you must define the parameter first inside the field settings in the search component.

trying, but still not working:

When I look at the documentation about the Search component:

Here the search is the page name right?

the fields do not get populated when I reload the page with the ?Status=Active added to the url, this although I have the value from the URL activated in the field

Here’s a good overview of URL parameters in action.

From the video I see that the search component is not populated with the values from the URL. It just applies the filters on load of the page, but the search component values remain empty.

in the end I did filter in the table component on “Active”. This was the solution for me, so I didn’t need to filter this field after all.
But I learned a thing of 2 on the search component. Thanks

Great Video Tim.

I have used URL parameters extensively just as you have shown. But I am intrigued with your use of the Dynamic Feild to create the URL. You could have also created this using a complex formula (which is what I have done up to now), but I think you intimated that Dynamic field is a quicker or less resource intensive. Is this so?