Search records by distance from a specified location

I have an application where I need to search for records based on the distance from a specified location. The setup looks like this.

  • Customer logs in
  • Once customer is logged in, customer can search by supplier trade, location (zip code, city, or state), and max distance from the specified location
  • Search populates a map with all suppliers within allowed max radius from the specified location, as well as suppliers that meet the additional search criteria
  • Search also returns a table with the relevant companies, addresses, and trades
  • Customer can click on supplier and pull up Profile for more data

There’s the Tadabase map component, but it lacks any search compatibility or function.

I also tried setting up a table to run the Google Maps directions pipe to get distance from the logged in users address to the suppliers address. This approach is missing the map, and I can’t use the pipe value for any data processing/interaction. See video below for a demo of that approach.

If anybody has any ideas, I’m all ears. Shooting for the moon here!

Hi Tim,
I see it hard, it is a problem that I also have with the maps.
I believe the only solution is to use the tasks and rules to select and write in fields compatible with maps.

Hi @tim.young
did you go ahead with this project, did you find the solution?

Hello @DanioA

No, unfortunately there’s no solution right now.

I need this too :frowning: