Secured page login redirect to intended page, not Home

When you hit a secured page from a shared link and haven’t logged in, the login process should return you to the original link you entered. Right now, you have the option of a default message, custom message, or redirect.
If you use a message and your template has a login option, you login and get directed to the home page of the site.
If you redirect to the login, you are similarly then directed to the home page.
I would expect to be able to share links to specific pages of my site, and if they require authentication, that process could happen as a side-band activity and then return you to the intended page.
Is this currently possible, or a viable new feature?


This is definitely something I"m sure everyone in this community would appreciate.

We will certainly investigate this further. I will aim to post here an update about this request in the coming 3-4 days.