Send email via google workspace gmail SMTP


I’m trying to send email via google workspace gmail SMTP, but I’m getting the following message while testing it in Tadabase - "Failed to authenticate on SMTP server with username “MYEMAIL”

I’m using Gmail SMTP relay service with the following config:
Only addresses in my domain, Require SMTP authentication, Require TLS encryption

and in Tadabase:
port: 587
I use my email as user name, and my email password
Encryption: TLS

Any thoughts?

@lior I’ve never used the SMTP relay, generally just

Eitherway, can you try enabling Less Secure Apps

You can also try creating an App Password as can be seen here: Sign in with App Passwords - Google Account Help

Generally, we recommend using something like SendGrid although Gmail certainly does work as well.

Thanks! the App Password made it work!