Sending a test to individuals

Hi Tadabase Community!

I created a Test out of this video tutorial “How do I build Multiple choice” and duplicating the question is fine.

But I have a problem. I hope anyone can help me.

Supposing I create a template, then I will send this template to a particular person for him to answer.
If he is not logged in to my account, then he cannot see my template. If I will create a template and does not under my account. Then, upon sending the link. He can also see all the created templates.

I am talking about this part:

In the tutorial, this part does not belong to an account.

Is there a way, I can send something, maybe a link, that the participant can click then copy that specific test. and upon clicking a button, the test will be duplicated and the participant will have his own copy of test that he can answer to?

like this?

I hope someone can help me please.

Thank you.