Sending Custom Email form a Catalogue

We would like to be able to send an pre-made email to a client depending on the situation, we have over 50 email templates and we are looking an easier way to do it. The content needs to be able to insert filed values.

We need to send to our contact and cc to the other executives on the company.

Any ideas on how to implement.

We have a solution just for you. We have a similar requirement with an application that we built out for a client.

We are a paid consultant, extremely versed in TadaBase. Please reach out to for more details.

Hey @SalBan, i have a need for the exact same feeature as you. Did you manage to get something working?

We built a Catalogue on a table with all the companies with the link (button) to a Details page that show the Name and Address of the recipient and with a print button that makes the pdf letter with the populated content.

Company. | Letter One | Letter Two | Letter Three | Letter Four |

I hope it helps

Thank you, did you manage to do this via email. i.e use a templated email to send to someone with personalised data taken form the table fields?