Sending emails to more than one person

I’ve spent the last few hours reading through many posts about sending emails to more than one person, say from a connection field where many users may be related to something,
it seems this isn’t possible in TB. I am suprised as i can imagine many, like us have a requirement to do this.

So, if this isn’t possible in TB please can i ask how others are accomplishing this? Ideally the solution would allow the email to be identified as sent from the logged in users email address / account.

I didn’t try, but maybe you can use an equation to put a multi-connect connection field to an email readable text field?

that’s not goung to work @Peter a text equation does get a value for the connected records but for only the first record in the connection field

I was more thinking of 3rd party email marketing apps.

looking for a solution to this too!

Hi, I have used the Sendgrid pipe to send 1 email to multiple users. You can check
The basic email option includes a “mail to” field with multiple email addresses,I mean you can pull a dynamic field with an array of emails to send 1 email to all

Have you checked out the send grid batch emailer pipe? It takes a bit to configure it but works well and is quite powerful.

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@Aprada can the ‘mail to’ field be populated with a connection field?

I suggest to use a rollup field that joins all the linked emails in a unique array (normally using comma). With that format, Sendgrid is able to use that array as a list of emails.