Set a Field to the Text Value of an Option Field with Scores

Hello Tadabase Community! :wave: If you’ve ever tried to use a rule or text formula to copy an option-type field with a score value, you’ll notice that only the score value is copied. I have a few methods that you can use if you’d instead like to copy the text representation on your option values.

Please see this video containing an explanation on two different methods that you can do to accomplish this. I’ve included some timestamps below to help navigate the video:

  • Background and info on the difference between the two methods @0:00
  • Equation method @0:53
  • Pipe method @3:20
  • Demo @6:44
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@Chem Was the score value removed? I can’t find it anymore.

It was removed due to the many issues it was causing. You may ask support to enable it manually if you’d like, but please be aware that it’s known to cause issues through your app.

Is there an alternative to score values that can accomplish the same thing? I need to be able to display a user friendly drop down selection but pass on shortened values behind the scenes like the score values did.

I would also find this very useful.

@centellix there are two different options you can use:

  • Equation Fields View Demo
  • Connection Field - (For example: If you have an Expenses data table, and you want to select the Expense Category, instead of using a Select field called “Category”, you can just add a connection field to a separate Categories table.)