Set date field to current date + 10 days

I need to set a date field to the current date + 10 days. I have a date formula field that does this, however, I need to then take that formula and use it to set a regular date field so my users can change it if they need to. I’m thinking I need to use a pipe, but I really don’t understand how to use the syntax of the pipe functionality, and can’t find and documentation/training on this.


Hi Marc-

Can you describe your project that would need to have a two-way flow of date changes? Is there a design restriction/need that would prevent the end user from changing the initial date field to automatically change the 10 day date formula?


The field is an expected return date which in most defaults to today+10. I have workflow that starts a process to start contacting customers on this due date. Sometimes there are shipping or other delays, so my user would like to change the date when this happens.

Basically, I need a way to assign a date to a standard date field.


This could be done with some javascript. @Chem may be able to assist whereby the JS pulls from a field value plus 10 days and targets the field that would show the date+10.

If the user changes the date, do you also want to add +10 days to it? The Date Utilities pipe has an API call to add days. You could use this and run it on record create/edit or both. Would that work?

I can show you how to set it up if you’d like.

No. It should only be set when Created to the today+10. If they change it, they are on their own.
I think the pipe would work on the Create, but not sure how to set it up properly.

Thanks @tim.young


Hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions.


This works perfectly. Thank you for your help @tim.young

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You’re very welcome!

How to set an email reminder before 2 days from due date? :thinking:


You might try this criteria:

Notify Date is during the next 3 days
Notify Date is after the next 2 days

I agree with @mdykstra, if you are using the due date field as the trigger field for the notifications.


Hey @tim.young any reason why this does not work. Date Utilities Pipe, Add Years. On create or edit.


What value do you get as a response if you save the response to a text field?

Are there any rules that could be overwriting this value?

Hi @tim.young

I did try it as a text value and i get the following based on a date format of dd/mm/yyyy - 0101/0101/42424242.

i changed the fomat to d/m/y and get 01/01/42

I do plan on performing another function on this field once i have the end date, so i guess i need it to be a date field.

This is a new field and has no rules applied to it other than setting the pipe response.

If youre saving it back to a date field, it must be formatted in SQL date format.

Set the format to the following “Y-m-d”:

Thank you @moe that has worked and sending the value to the date field.

for future self service, could you point me to where i would have found this please.