Setup Automations so that they run in sequence?

I am trying to run different automations to generate records each day. They need to run in a specific order, as later ones are dependent upon earlier updates.

I am noticing that if they don’t run at the time they are supposed to run, they seem to run several hours later at around 6:30am.

Is this a known issue? Is there a way to set dependency that I am not seeing? Is it a normal expectation that they may not run at the scheduled time?

@Tophinity, do you have the timezone in your app set correctly? If you changed your time zone after the task was created you must resave the task. If this is still an issue contact us at support and we’d be happy to take a look.

Hi Moe, yes the time zone is set correctly, and has not changed throughout this process. Today it just didn’t run at all. I’ll send a message to support.

I asked Chem, but haven’t heard back – is there somewhere I can go to see “known issues”? It’s discouraging to go through trial and error, only to figure out that the reason I’m pulling my hair out is about an issue that was already known.

I’d like to familarize myself with known issues so I can plan around them and their likely fix dates when developing.

Thanks Moe,


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