Should this concat wont work?

Hello, Im trying to add the £ symbol to a calculated field but no success and wondered if anyone could help?

On my table column I want to prefix a currency symbol so tried the below.

{Adviser Split %}{Received}/100 correctly outputs 556.40
CONCAT(‘£’,{Adviser Split %}
{Received}/100 ) outputs 0.00

What I’m trying to do is output £556.40

Many thanks

Can you try making 2 different equations?

Equation 1:

{Adviser Split %}{Received}/100

And Equation 2:

CONCAT(‘£’,"{Equation 1}")

I think the answer here is that your Equation output is probably set to ‘Number’ and the Concat field will output text. Change the output to text and you should see £556.40. But as a text value its only really useful for display.

The suggestion from @moe will work, and will also mean you have a numeric field to work with in case you need to do subsquent calculations with that value