Show company info connected field in Form

How to show the address of the company that belongs to the user on a form?

Currently setting:

  • added connected field of company & billing address
  • set connected field of company limited to user’s company only
  • user still has to select from dropdown of his own company to show the address


  • show corresponding address once option “registered address” is chosen


One solution is to set a RECORD RULE in the form that automatically populates the COMPANY based on the logged in user which will allow you to remove the manual company selection field since the company will already be set


@tenny, are you looking to be able to show multiple addresses associated with a user or is it just one address for each user? This will dictate how to set up the process.


@SafetyUniversity Just one address for each user, but would like to show the address without any selection on company once user is logged in :slight_smile:

@tenny, you can do this by adding the address field in the table where the User’s info is stored. By default this is in the “Users” table.

You will have to ensure whatever table you are using for the “registered Addresses, Other locations, etc.” will need to be connected to the Users table. Make the connection in the table TO the Users table.

For example, the Profile page (which is provided by default) uses a connected table to edit the profile fields.

Not knowing how your application is set up, the best I can suggest is to make sure that the button is linked to the “logged in users” field > address.

Hope this helps,

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