Show/ HIDE PFD button link based on form component of hide class

I would like to show the PDF print button only after a checkbox/radio is filled out (e.g. the pdf print button is hidden when the radio has a ‘blank’ value).
How do I do that?
Can I do this with a custom CSS class or with a display rule on a form componennt?

Hi @slimpens -

This seems fairly straightforward. While I’m not a JavaScript expert I would lean on @Chem or @kruizf201 … they may be able to help.



Assuming you’re on a Detail page, you can add a record value to the JS tab by using the “Add Page Date Field” dropdown.

In this example below, component_3 is a Detail Component and component_6 is the PDF print button. If the value of the radio field is not Lead, the PDF button is hidden.

TB.render('component_3', function(data) {
    var radio = "{pageField.Status}";
    if(radio !== "Lead"){