Show Loading wheel while waiting for a Integromat action in background

When submitting a form I redirect to a page showing the Table.
At submit I however have a outgoing webhook for new record to Integromat that makes a update for me.
The Integromat is however slightly slow, when the Table loads the field that Integromat updated is still empty.

Is there a way I can delay the Tabe load until the Field is populated or autoreload until the field is populated before displaying the table?


Check out this topic and see if it helps with the displaying the loading spinner.

I did see that in the forum. Its above my head and will take me a long time to figure out. If I could do all that I wont need to be on a NoCode solution?
I was hoping for a easier solution

@mvandyk How are you triggering the Integromat update? Do you have some way of getting a notification from Integromat when that update is done?

If you do, I’m sure we can add a notification and then reload that particular component when the update is compelted. There certainly won’t be any way to do this without at least a bit of code though.

Hi Moe, thanks for the reply, I stuck a Accept Terms and Conditions page in between, this gives it enough time update. Thanks for the help, I am OK for now. I will finish my APP my way and then maybe get someone to take it at improve it for me.