Showing a table of related records, connected to a same "parent" record from another table

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Context: There are two connected tables, the “Messages” table, and the “Notes” table.
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There are multiple “Note” records per “Message” record.

I am trying to build a Notes details page with two columns:

  • a first column = table with Notes connected to the same message, and,
  • a second column = form to edit the Notes details (for this particular Note record).
    (kind of like the two-page view of the emails with the list of email in the first column, and the particular email opened in the second column)

I don’t see a possibility to select this kind of Table in the Page Builder. Indeed the Page being a “Notes” detail page, it won’t show all the Notes connected to the same Message.

Here is what I’d like to select from the builder (in red) and that doesn’t show up.

Hey Ivan. Thanks for creating your post on our community. I have a recommendation that I hope will be able to fit your needs with your request.

For functionality like this, I recommend utilizing, if possible, a Message details page showing a table of connected Note records. This way you will be able to show the records that you are looking to show within a table component. To edit the records, you can utilize our pop-up edit page functionality. This won’t match your description exactly, however, you will be able to both see all connected notes to a given message, in addition, to edit them within that same page.

Here is an example to show how you can build this out:

I begin by creating a table component for my Messages table. Then, I add a details link within that table component. This table is used to create the details page so we’ll go into the Message Details page as pictured below and will continue working within that new child page.

Once within the Message Details page, we are able to add a table component to show the Notes connected to the given Message. This ensures that we do not show Notes that are not connected to this particular Message.

Within this table component, we’ll add an edit link. We can select to make it a pop-up edit link to keep the user on one page while working with the Notes. As a result, we can work within one page to see and edit all Notes connected to a given Message.

Both the Details page and Edit link were added through our linking functionality within the given table components in my example. For more information on this functionality, check out our doc on the topic here.

Here are some additional links with information on the components used:
Table Component
Form Component

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