Showing the details of the details of the details of a record

Hi Tadabase Community,

I created an app where there are several database involve:

  • User table (Admin, Candidate, Referees)
  • Reference
  • Template
  • Questions

I have a page which I called Dashboard, here I can display the Reference which all users are connected.

Here is the structure:

Here how it works:

  1. Admin logs in and creates Reference.

  2. Under the Reference, the Admin creates Candidate.

  3. Under the Candidate, the admin creates 3 Referees. The candidate is connected to a template with connected blank questions (no answers) then when 3 Referees are created, the template will be assigned to them, and when the Referees logs in, they will click it then copy the blank questions for them to be able to answer.

  4. on the Dashboard of admin there is the details. I want to see the details of the candidate, together with the results of the Referees questions.

  5. Here is the problem, while I am logged in to Admin account, I can show the details of the Candidate, I can show the details of the referees under that candidate. However, what I want to show under all the details is the answer sheet of the Referees that was sent with the blank questionnaires.

Here is the GUI:

I hope you can help me with this.

Thank you