Simpler and better design/css process?

Hi Community,
I am obsessed with Tadabase and spend countless hours building apps some for fun and some for my clients and my own business.

Something I am struggling with is tweaking designs and making it fit my style.

Does anyone have any tips and tricks on making better designs and how to go about it more efficiently? I can build the database pages, rules in minutes. The design part however takes me hours of refreshing and tweaking.

PS. I think I may have had one of the first 10 posts here and am so glad to see the community engagement growing. It’s become a daily visit for me to see what’s being discussed and what I can learn from the community. Also kudos to the Tadateam for being engaged here as well.

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Hi David, this is a very valid question and one that has come often. We’re working on some new features to make design much easier. We hope to have our new design options available within a week or so.

Until then here’s some useful links that might help:

  1. Here’s a short article on adding basic animations to parts of your page:
  1. Here are very basic examples of adding customized basic designs:

We have many more exciting changes to our CSS coming soon.

The new changes will be predefined custom CSS for all components.

For example, you’ll be able to change the entire table style with css class to this:

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