Single user access to a page (admin)

We can limit page access using roles. Fine. But if I want to have a page limited to one specific user (admin page).
I don’t see how to do it. I may create admin role, but anyone could create a user selecting admin role getting access to that admin secured page. Is it possible to hide one value when displaying a selectable field like role?
How would you do it?
Hope someone may help. Roberto.

Hi @rofuy -

Yes, you can filter the roles selection filed by adding filter rules to match a “custom value” exactly of the name for the roles you want to allow to be selected. The ones that aren’t on the filter list are hidden.

Please note the custom value must be exactly the same spelling as the spelling in the roles in the Users table.

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Hi, thanks so much. It solved problem bu creating Admin role and blocking selection of this role on signup. Admin user can be created manually, and then ask for psw change, or using signup, and tehn changin role manually.
On login, Admin is redirected to Specific Admin page that no other user can access. :slight_smile: