Smartphone Barcode Reader

Hey awesome people, I know we aren’t quite there yet and the Tb team are looking to develop a native barcode reader but wondered if anyone has a solution in the meantime for reading barcodes using a camera phone?

You can usually test that with those apps in the app store.
Just to be safe: look for 4+ and above star ratings.

Just curious, what do you use the barcode for? or is it a qr code?

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Thanks for the heads up. Looking to scan product barcodes that use 1/2D barcodes. They are the typical barcode that you find on products in the shops.

Let us know here in the community if you’re able to use any app for the barcode, feel free to share here how was it.

Barcodes are a bit tricky and to get reliable barcode scanning can require a custom API/SDK that’s usually not free.

I know of some customers who use Scandit and we helped them build it a sample app as a starting point. To use Scandit, you must get your own API key. However, Scandit is not free and can get quite expensive.
Click here to copy template app.

  • Copy the app from above into your account
  • Signup here to get a scandit API key:
  • Then generate a web license key here
  • Paste the API key into Custom Footer Code of the app, you’ll see a placeholder called “PASTE_YOUR_API_KEY_HERE”

To see some examples of this in action, you can open either of these links on your phone:

Keep in mind this can likely work with any barcode scanning SDK, and we’ll try and help any way we can with getting this set up. But at this time there’s no built in native way of doing this.

I hope this helps in at least pointing you in the right direction. One day perhaps we’ll have a built in way to doing this. :crossed_fingers:

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I would be interested in this as well Moe, I tried to copy the app but it says “You do not have access to this app”

Can you refresh and try the link again?

Thanks so much for this @moe , I am going to give this a go at the weekend and let you know how I get on. Really appreciate the work on this.

Still not letting me copy it:


My apologies.

Here’s one last try:

This one should work.

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Thanks @moe, Worked That Time!

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@Moe, Thanks for getting it to this point and apologies it’s taken so long to get back. I have used the test example that you have set up and that is perfect for what I need. I need a bit more time to try and set this up in my app as best I can and will then feedback here with progress. On initial trial, looks to be a perfect solution, so the efforts are much appreciated.