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Hi Guys,

Is anyone using the SMS / Text message from Tadabase Servers?

I cant find any documentation on this, and I have tested a few number formats and I cant get it working.

The built in SMS features only work to USA phone numbers.

I would look into the Twilio Pipe to get more customization.

Thank Moe - might help to put that in documentation somewhere (unless I missed it?). Would have saved me some time today :slight_smile:

Edit - or even in the settings when you can choose between Tadabase servers or Twilio servers.

Ya, I agree. We need to document that better. Sorry about the wasted time.

This was a more recent development since we’ve discovered that nearly all SMS traffic to international customers was by malicious users. Sadly, we keep having to lock down more and more features especially to places outside of the USA. There are many countries where we have often hundreds of signups a day for malicious phishing and otherwise negative behavior. When this happens we have no option but to keep restricting features.

In the very near future, we’re going to shorten the trial period to 7 days for this exact reason.

One day when we figure out how to deal with this properly without it taking too much of our time we plan on offering a very generous free tier too. At this time its simply not worth the hassle. :cry:

I’m getting carried sidetracked but wanted to shed some light on the reasons behind these types of decisions.

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Completely understand.

Maybe just adding (USA only) to the settings page will help other users:


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