The field is useful even for single file uploads, as it allows drag-and-drop uploading (otherwise my user has to download file from his email app first and then upload). But we should be able to limit upload to a single file if it fits the application best (my case, as I need a description field for every file).

Does it work with pdf files as well?

You can edit the field in the form (double click on the files field) and set the max files allowed:

You’re right, I missed that field! Thx

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This attachment field is a great add to TB. However, I don’t see any information in the otherwise excellent documentation on this field - maybe I missed it ?

Is there a way to resize size the photograph that the smartphone takes (in order to preserve tadabase native storage). This was a major add to a competitor’s platform and builders raved about it.

I notice in the Page Builder that you can limit “Maximum File Size” - When I set this to 1Mb and I took two images on my iphone the record submitted when out any warning but the images were not uploaded.
After I click save the form displays a message which has " Form Successfully submitted" - however the attachments field does not contain any images - presumably because of the “Max Size rule” - surely it should warn that images are too large and Ideal behaviour is it would resize images before uploading to back end ? tks Noel