Coming soon :grinning:


This is now live (beta), feel free to test and share your thoughts so we can ensure its working as expected.

Eventually all File and Image fields will be converted to this. For now you must create a new “Files” field to utilize the drag and drop and multi file upload.

We intend to remove the “File” and “Image” fields and use only this new field for all uploads in the coming weeks.


This is really cool! How does this work with emailing the file links?

Yeah !!! … I was using a work-around to do this - child table with many to many relationship !!

Perfect solution Moe.

Thank you

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We’re still going through it all and adding the common functionality everywhere. It will ultimately work in emails as well. At this time, it will not display in emails correctly.

Hey @moe,

I see that the files are now available in emails, currently they all just say Download, are you guys able to have it use the file names in the email?

Yes, there’s a few more updates coming to this, we’ll add this soon after as well.

Shortly, you’ll be able to define additional options in the file field like:

  • Custom text
  • Auto open camera/video/microphone when on mobile device
  • Define allowed file extensions
  • Max number of files
  • etc.

You can test this on your phone and see how it works:!/new-files-field

I believe on iPhones they’re a bit more opinionated, but on Android it should open the camera or video right on click.

Any other thoughts about this field let me know. Again, our goal is to consolidate the other 2 (file and Image) into one field. Any feature or option that works in those we’ll ensure works here as well.

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It will be a great feature, I have a few questions:

  1. will the photographs appear as a single group or as independent files? currently I have a table where I enable the view of some photographs and disable it for others, could I do it with the photos in multi upload?

  2. the files instead are stored in DropBox, what will change?

thank you

Hey @DanioA

  1. If you upload multiple files at once, they will be saved as a group in a single record. You will still have the option to upload 1 image at a time as individual records.

  2. When using Dropbox as your file storage, you should not see any differences.

Just checking…

In my builder I don’t see a ‘files’ field type - is mine missing or is the ‘file’ type the new version?


We’ve renamed it to Attachments and its been taken out of Beta. In the coming weeks we will be getting rid of Fields an Image fields and converting all those existing fields to the new Attachments field.

If you’re used to using raw values in emails and HTML for File field, this might be helpful:

Working with Raw Values with the new Files field.
The new Files field has the ability to upload multiple files and therefore has some unique charteristics that need to be addressed.

  • {!!Files!!} - This will output a comma seperated list of all the files formatted as HTML links.
  • {!!Files.url!!} - This will output only the first file url.
  • {!!!!} - This will output only the first file name.
  • {!!Files.urls!!} - This will output a comma seperated list of the urls for all the files
  • {!!Files.names!!} - This will output a comma seperated list of the file names for all the files

To target a specific image URL or name, you can use the following:

  • {!!!!} - This will output the file name for the first file.
  • {!!field_36.0.url!!} - This will output the url for the first file.

To view the second image, simple change the 0 to a 1, 3rd image, change it to a 2 etc…

Please be sure you’re using the field_id and not the field name when targeting a specific image. If your field name is called “Files” and the field id is field_36, ensure you use field_36 and not “Files.”

Many thanks @moe. :slight_smile:

I have added an attachment field, alongside the image field I had created before.

The image field show a thumbnail, but the attachment one doesn’t - it shows a broken image.

The image link is

If I change the download link to the filename - it works as expected.

  1. Is related to using dropbox as my file repository?
  2. Is there perhaps a way to increase the size of the file thumbnails? I am using one of Tim’s ‘hacks’ on some of our PDF documents to display them in an HTML at full browser width, but they are of the old kind with one filed per field.

Thanks in advance for the assistance.

I’m experiencing the same thing. If you have the attachments field set to “Format Link as an Image” and you are using Dropbox as a files storage solution the image links are broken. Even on a details page the photos will not display.

The temporary fix would be to switch back to the Tadabase default file storage but than all the other file attachments will start saving there which is not ideal, especially if you are trying to keep all your documents in one location.

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@SuiteUpstairs and @brettlewis, if I remember correctly this was fixed before soft launching the Attachments field.

Could you please reach out to us via support chat or via email at, so we can take a closer look?

Hi @moe,

Just tested this out and it is awesome! works really well. I do have one question and maybe there is a work around solution.

If you are composing an email to include multiple images, how would you go about doing that if you don’t know how many images are going to be uploaded to the multifile field?

For example, I compose an email that gets sent when the form is submitted and in the email I include the above code to show the first three photos. There are two challenges with this;

  1. if the user only uploads two photos, then the third image just displays the code “{!!!!}” and a broken image link
  2. If the user uploads four photos, the fourth will not show because it hasn’t been hard coded in the email.

I realize you can add the multifile field to the email and it will show all the files however it names them all like this: “Download,Download,Download” and they are only links. Just trying to figure out the best way to email multiple photos.

Sorry to be a pain Moe!

That’s a great point about not knowing the total number of images.

In the future we’re going to be adding more complex coding options like in our upcoming custom component. You’ll be able write some basic custom code to loop through attachments. A bit beyond this thread.

For now, you’d prefer to output it in the email as the same format as the selection in the field?

If that’s what you’re looking for, I’m sure we can do this.

Will do @tim.young

We are still seeing the broken images.

Yes, that is what I’m looking for.

@moe Do I need to do anything to convert if I currently have an Image field in my program? Will it convert automatically? And is there a projected conversion date?