Snippet Library

Hi everyone :raising_hand_man:

I want to share a project I’ve been working on in some spare time called Snippet Library.

This app is intended to host all kinds of code snippets that we can use and share as a community of Tadabase builders. I’ve added a few and will continue to add more. As a user, you can post snippets as well.

The app isn’t totally complete, lots of little things to change but I figured what the hell, I’ll put it out there as is.

Link below
Snippet Library


Nice work Tim! This will be very helpful for a lot of Tadabasers.



Gotta sit down soon and comb through this forum and add snippets. Some might be tough because there’s so much context in our discussions.

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Nice work Tim, thanks

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Do you also have a code to make dates more visible? :slightly_smiling_face:
even removing the year, it would be more readable

I do not but maybe that could be added!

I love this and thanks for doing this!

Might I add, what if the code is displayed as code?!/code/code-details/DVWQWRNZ49

Also, if you can create a role for contributors I’d certainly add code snippets to grow this library. Perhaps, you can set up an approval process, but I can see this growing very quickly.

Thanks again! :heart_eyes:

Edit: I see there is a way to submit snippets!! Awesome. Sorry, i should have taken a closer look.

This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you Moe.

Side note - I’m thinking of a way to do a mailing list of sorts to send an email to users when a new snippet is added. Maybe a user selected preference of notifications - Immediately, daily, weekly.

Thoughts on doing this entirely in Tadabase?

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@tim.young this would be cool, my company actually works now to build libraries of CSS to be used on the apps we have and currently building, the same concept! Great!

My suggestion, maybe you can put a button to “COPY” so that coded automatically copied in the clipboard so tababase members can easily get it and paste in their projects too?

Great idea, I’ll look into that.

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thanks for the feature to signup, I actually posted already there and would like to submit more so everyone in our community can use it.

I saw that. I really like that table style!

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I’ll be working on the library so let’s all keep updates.

By the way, one small thing maybe you could add, edit button even if it has been submitted so I can still update the codes,renaming, instructions and images uploaded, because suddenly I saved unfinished code or things related to it suddenly not properly done, we can still “EDIT” them.

I think what I’ll do is create a page for the user’s submitted snippets with an edit link there.

Hi Tim,
This looks super useful, but when I click on the link it says App Not Found. Is this still active?



Hi Jeff,

Link has been updated!