Solution for custom PDF or Print Page Formatting?

Hey everyone, I’m looking for a solution which communicates with my tadabase app and acts as a stand-in until the PDF feature is ready.

I am trying to generate a detailed PDF report containing lots of photos (from dropbox/AWS links), details and notes. Likely a few pages long for each report.

I’ve had Google cloud, apitemplate and a few others recommended for PDF solutions. The most important elements are the photo’s, so whatever system I use, it needs to render these links as photos.

I’m a low/no code user so I’m struggling to figure these out. Does anyone have a straightforward solution?

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Hi @Dani,
In own company, we using Firebase for save the photo, the problem is that the users upload big photo and extension resizes in Firebase. Then a python bot generates pdf in the cloud using python-docx library, I get the photo from url and post in the pdf.

I’ve done some tests with PDF generation using driven by automations from - zapier should also work.

I look for no-code solutions where I can - I’m a coding whimp.


This looks like what I need. I have an Eledo account, I just haven’t set up the zapier connection as there’s not much documentation. I’ll have a look at it again today.
I’m also a coding whimp bit I’ll logic my way through anything

Elado is a great choice. I have used it with Integromat several times, it’s super easy to upload the outputted file to your Tadabase app.

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Thank you @brettlewis and @tim.young I’m going to go with Eledo.
I’ve created a sample template to test it out.
I’m now setting up my integromat connections in the flow:

Webhook> Search Tadabase Records > Generate Eledo PDF > Prepare Download URL

No idea if this will work, I want to trigger the PDF generation when a specific field is updated. If you have a particular structure that worked for you or any tutorials/resources that helped you figure it out, please feel free to share :smiley:

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I’ve used both Eledo and PDFFiller… using Webhooks via Integromat, and that works perfectly.

So that looks like this:

  • Set up Webhook in Tadabase to trigger when a field is updated
  • Add an Action link to your Tadabase table that updates a “hidden” field (or fields) that includes the info you want to pass to PDF tool that is not in the record
  • Integromat Scenario that listens to and is triggered by the Webhook
  • Integromat, once triggered, gets the record and record info
  • Integromat spins up the PDF using Eledo or PDFFiller
  • Save PDF to Box / Dropbox / Tadabase / Email / whatever
  • Reset the flags in the original Tadabase record to null

Hope that helps. Takes a little while to learn Integromat (it’s no code) but then it is stupidly powerful. Don’t waste your time with Zapier - not even remotely as powerful.


Really helpful, thanks! I’m going over tutorials as there is a bit of a learning curve. Integromat is 100 times the better option. I’ll try your setup and see how I get on.