Sort Fields By Alphabetic Order

Some apps are very big and involve several tables with hundreds of columns, it would be very helpful if the columns would appear in alphabetic order within the page builder and dropdown lists.

I take it you are talking about on the platform, not the app. If ya - not the same, but you can search and filter inside the fields tab in a data table.

Hi Lawrence,this is what I am talking about. It is time consuming having to search or scroll down to find a column when developing/building the app.



Hi Sahiraz, You can manually sort the fields from the Data Builder, under the Fields tab. Once you organize the fields alphabetically in that section, they will appear alphabetically everywhere. Hope that helps!


@sahiraz I agree about the record rules and those options.

However, in the actual form have you tried using the dropdown and search option?


Thank you for your reply, and I think this is a great feature, however the issue becomes painful when you have too many columns, and having to manually move them upwards to position alphabetically it is not ideal in my point of view.

Hi Moe,
Thank you for your response and hope you can find a workaround to achieve the automatic sort of the columns.

And yes, I am using the search whenever is possible.


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