Sort options on filters

Would be great to be able to have sorting options in filters on table component, or at least have them use the sort setting on the table.

Are you referring to preset filter tabs or the add filter button?

Either way, I thought they both follow the sort that’s set in the component settings.

No, the Add Filter options.

Hm, I’ll have to check next time I’m at the computer. Could have sworn these filters preserve your sort settings.

Piggybacking a bit here but would be cool to have an add sort button next to the filter button.

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mdykstra is right, they don’t sort and you can’t restrict what records appear in the filter drop-down, it automatically loads all the records so if you have a lot of records it takes forever to find the one you want. In my example I have the table sorted alphabetically and it does sort that way for most of the records but then some are just random at the end.
filter sort2

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Ideally, this is supposed to sort based on the sort order you have set up in the connected table (Projects
table in your case).

We’ll add to our roadmap to fix.

Thanks Moe, that is the way I have it set, seems to be a little bug. Thanks for adding it to the roadmap