Sort the selections in a Connected Field

In one part of my App I have a library, with over 300 resources (links).

I want to use these as courseware … and select the resources to use, and the order to use them, per course.

So I have two tables. One for Library resources and one for Courses. And a multiple connection field from Courses to Library.

This allows me to select which library resources to use in each course. Of course the same Resources appear in multiple Courses, but each Course is a separate combination of selected connected Resources.

All of this is good, but I can’t work out a way to reorder the selections in the connected field for any specified course. The connected fields are always in the order I select them. If I want move something, or add a new resource in the middle of a course I have delete all the selectioned connections and start again.

I know that the connections are in an array. So what I want to do is to be able to change the order of the array items … Does anyone know if this is possible ?

Hi, I recommend to edit the form when creating a new course, Design tab, List View Layout, Dropdwn option; select the fields to see. Using this you can search for any character when adding a course.

Thanks Aprada

I am doing as you suggest to select the options I want. This issue is that I cannot edit or re-sort the selections I make. Therefore if I make 7 selections (lets call them a,b,d,e,f,g,h) and I realise I missed ‘c’ and I want to add ‘c’ after ‘b’ - I can’t do it without deleting d,e,f,g,h and re-entering them.