South African Rand currency shows as turkish lira

Hi Tadabase team,

For a few weeks now, the South African Rand symbol (‘R’) has gone on holiday and has been replaced by the Turkish Lira symbol.


We’ve opened multiple support tickets but they seem to get no further than on the team checking the problem.

Can we have this fixed ASAP please?

@moe Wrong currency symbol showing. could you please check.

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This is fixed on our staging server, we’re just waiting to update all production builder severs.

Appreciate everyone’s patience.

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Thanks @tim.young - do you perhaps have a timeline on this?

And will we need to reset our currencies, or will the change revert our data back to the correct currency symbol automagically?

Automagically :magic_wand:

No changes required.

I think we’ll definitely be able to update live servers this week.

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