Step-by-step details page

Hello all,

Has anyone attempted to make a step-by-step instruction guide, displaying child records one by one like a details page? My idea is to have an instruction (parent table) and instruction steps (child records) and to visualize all the steps as a process with a next/previous button. Ideally the next button will be able to record elapsed time for each step in a separate table.

Looking forward to any suggestions.


This is very doable and not too complicated.

Created a table with as many details pages as you need steps:

Here is what it looks like in the builder (I have renamed all the details pages to steps):

Now on each step, you can have your instructions in the details component and then you add a form component that edits this details page:

This is what your first details page should look like:

On the form component, make sure there are NO fields added to the form. Then on the options page you can rename the button NEXT:

Also on the options page you want to turn off the back link:

Then on the Rules page you want to select the Submit rules and have this form redirect to an existing page, in this case STEP 2:

On the last step you can call the form button complete:

It should look like this:

As far as timing each step, you will have to add a date/time field for each step and on the form component of each step record the time of submission.