Store equation results a a number - different tables tied to 1 user


I have a multi step process in which I use the results from equation 1 as an input to equation 2.
Since it’s difficult to store everything in 1 row, I prefer to use multiple tables, all connected to the user.
However, it’s not possible to store the result of an equation from 1 table as a number (and therefore as input) on table 2. I prefer that, since I use different pipes (I have complex eqations), so I can only send numbers.

Anyone has suggestions how to do this?

Hi @slimpens you can use record rules, number field and a flag field, “Updated/Not Updated”

On the rule set Created or Edited, and set the number field to the result of the Equation, and the flag to Updated/Not Updated to update this Record Rule every time needed

Hi, my recommendation is to use pipes, custom JavaScript type, to custom the formula that you need (there are a lot of options) and apply that inside the same table