Stripe Billing Plug-in

So we needed to add some additional billing functionality to our application that was more complex then just the subscription billing within Tadabase. While Subscriptions is still (Alpha) we have developed a new add-on/plug-in that would allow you to add/charge/securely store customer card details in Stripe via your Tadabase app. This add-on/plug-in would essentially allow you to run several different types of card to ACH debit transactions based on your business need.

We are showing this functionality does exists. If you are interested in implementing this is a paid add-on that is developed by Brand Global Enterprises. We are a Tadabase client and have many complex applications that we build for our end-users.

Card Entry Screen: (Embedded into your tadabase app)


I might need this in a new project I’m laying the groundwork for. Will reach out when its closer.

Just want to point out Tadabase is not PCI compliant, and highly recommend not storing credit cards on our servers. If you’re using something like this its best to ensure the actual card only gets passed to Stripe and not retained on Tadabase.

We at Brand Global take compliance and customer card data very seriously. Our Solutions are fully PCI compliant and out plug in for Tadabase uses encrypted card id which meets and exceeds industry security standards.

Our team of Expert merchant processing developers work daily to ensure that data breaches and card data is 100% secure and compliant with Visa/MasterCard/Discover as well as American Express.

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