Stripe migrate Checkout and Coupon

I am using Stripe in the function proposed by Tadabase,
I have 2 questions:

  1. Stripe tells me that to activate different payment solutions, I have to migrate to the new version of Checkout, but it doesn’t clarify much.
    Question: It seems to me that Checkout is internal to Tadabase and is not something that can be changed in Stripe, am I wrong?

  1. to the normal payment solution xxx €, I would like to add a coupon solution, which for marketing is much more functional at a simple lower price.
    Have you already made solutions of this type?
    Do you have any idea how this can be done?


Hi @DanioA, thanks for sharing your question.

I checked the Stripe implementation within Tadabase ans yes, it is possible to add coupon solution to the payment form.
To achieve this, it would be necessary to add the Stripe pipe within Tadabase and do the necessary updates to the preconfigured API calls (see image below) to allow payment of both card (default) and coupon.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Hello, thanks for your interest, I was hoping it could be done with Checkout
With pipes I imagine that everything gets complicated.
PS I am not yet clear if it is possible to update the Checkout

Hi @DanioA,

I’m not sure I totally understand what you’re looking to do but at the very least it sounds like you want to create and use a Stripe checkout session from records within your app?

Hi Tim,
this component, makes use of Stripe’s checkout,

Well Stripe tells me, if I also want to use other payment services such as wire transfers, or, if I want to use coupons, I have to update the checkout.

I didn’t think I was the only one using this component.
Thanks for interesting.