Stripe Subscriptions - Failed Transactions and Interactive Card

Hi all,

So I had a problem yesterday where I realized that there was no workflow for handling credit card errors that result in a failed transaction in Stripe. Previously, a user was directed to the “Payment Confirmation” page regardless of what happened in Stripe with the result of the transaction. This was not good.

The new workflow gets the subscription status after the user subscribes and then is redirected to either the payment confirmation page, or a payment failed page.

Additionally, the “Set Default Payment” page that is required with the Stripe pipe is no longer visible to the user. Instead, that page is automatically handled by some JavaScript that clicks a form submit button and the user only sees a loading screen.

Lastly, there’s this cool card thing that was added to “Add Credit Card” page.

I’m linking a page I had created for myself in order to reproduce this whole workflow. I’m going to link it here rather than trying to pack everything in this post.

I need to mention that there’s some stuff in here that is specific to the app I’m working on and it’s workflows.

Anyways, link here👇

I’m sure I missed some stuff so please ask questions!

Big thanks to @Chem!