Sub-Menu drag and drop organizing

It would be nice if you could re-organize the sub-menu items by drag and drop. Currently you have to redo every sub-menu item to organize them alphabetically or in a certain order.



+10 points for this feature

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Would love to hear back on this one. I am currently debating if I really need to go through and delete my menu items just to reorganize sub-menu items.

I’d appreciate this functionality as well.


We are investigating different approaches we can take to solve several menu issues. We’ve had many complaints about the complexities of menus and are hoping to find a more viable solution that’s a mix of several different suggestions being mentioned.

We’ve also streamlined the process of adding pages and layouts to speed this up slightly.

In the coming days, you’ll be able to add new layouts and menus directly while creating a page. We’ve also added the option of adding your first component to that page directly when adding the page as you can see below.

We will keep optimizing and find a proper menu solution.

The reusable menu suggestion mentioned in the link below is very intriguing.

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