Submit form through a link containing the fields?


Is it possible to submit a form, by sending a url containing the fields values? I mean, instead of using an embedded TB form, use a Typeform and send the field values in a URL and redirect the user to a TB details page ?

So you’re looking to do:

  1. User submits a form on Typeform
  2. The value gets added to your TB app
  3. The user is then directed to this new recods’ details page?

I can’t imagine this is possible in typeform, but if you were writing custom code it would be possible. (I very likely might be wrong about this, I’m no Typeform expert).

But assuming you can trigger a custom Rest API request in Typeform… you’d need to use the Page API, submit the form and get the ID in the response. Then direct them to whatever page with this ID.

Here’s the details on doing this in the API:

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Thanks, it’s clear for me now and I can work with it!