Subscribe 'send email action' when something happens (a new record appears)

Hello again Tadabase Community, thanks for all your support!

The structure is as follows:
Data Table 1 (stores ‘ID’ and email)
Data Table 2 (stores ‘ID’ connected to table 1 -for linking multiple responses to 1 id-- and ‘comments’)

I add record to ‘Data Table 2’ every time an user fills a form. Basically what I want is to notify the email linked to the ID (from ‘Data Table 1’ – thanks to the connection) sending an automatic email (like ‘you received a comment’) every time a new record is stored. I haven’t found the option to do it using ‘Automated Emails’.

How can I accomplish this? Is it possible? Is there a work around? Many thanks in advance.

In the very near future, we will add the ability to use connected values inside of Pipe Parameters. Once this is added, you’ll be able to do this with a SendGrid or any email pipe.

I will try and update here as soon as we have a more defined timeline. I suspect it will be during July 2021.

Otherwise, the only way to do this would be with a service like Integromat/Zapier.