Syncing a multi select field in pipedrive

I hope this is useful

I was working on syncing my app with pipedrive, in particular a custom multi select option field which stores ‘Tags’ in pipedrive for email marketing. I am using a connection field connected to a user to store the tags in TB

At first, the field in Pipedrive was overwritten once synced and it would only hold one of the tags from TB.

The solution was to

  • Align the tags between both apps.
    store the person ID field from Pipedrive in to the user table in TB
  • find the ID of each record in the custom multi-select option field in PD
  • add a text field to my tags table in TB to store the ID number
  • then using Make, create a scenario which get the tags ID numbers connected to the user, use an iterator to split the array, use an aggregater to create an inline text CSV and then use that value to update pipedrive.

works perfectly. All i need to do now is create the trigger which i’d like when the value of the tags field has changed or i could just run it daily on all records.

I’d be happy to share by Make blueprint.