Table component and edit form on same page

Hi guys,
I was wondering if it is possible to create a page where the edit form component is located below the table view so that I can click the edit column in the table and the data is populated on the same page?

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I’ve wondered about this myself.

You can certainly place a form component underneath a table component, and the form can be for the same data table. But as far as I can tell right now, that form can only be used to add new records. I do not see a way to click a record in the table above and — this is the crucial part — have its data loaded into the form below on the same page so it can be edited.

I’d really like to know how to direct a record’s data to a specific form (rather than the one that Tadabase creates for me) because if I could do that, I could stop proliferating forms when I create new tables for different purposes.

Back to your question: The best suggestion I can make is to configure the edit form as a popup window. (Click on the table, then on the Edit link column title, and in the General tab of the settings for the link, select “Pop-up”.)

Hi @sahiraz

You could do this using this method shown here:

View record Details on a Parent Page

See a working example here →!/iframe-details


Thats smooth! Nice work Tim

Hi @tim.young
Thank you, although the work seems quite convoluted, the end result is nice.

I will see if I can replicate this


You’re correct, it is quite convoluted. There might be an easier way to do with a pop up edit form appended to a html component but I’m not sure I have the skills for that. :grinning:

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