Table component: Sum Summary


My table has several pages because the limit per page is 250 records.

I added a sum summary at the bottom of the table but noticed that it’s only the sum for the current page.

I think there should be a “total” option to show the sum of all the data table. Because it would give the user the ability to know the total without adding every page.

Somehow, I find it counter intuitive if the total at the bottom of the page only shows the total for the current page. There should definitely be the ability to show two rows of totals (sub total, total).

To make this easy, when adding a summary, please add an additional dropdown to choose to display between (Per page / All table).


Hey there @FranckMullerGeneve

This has been brought up before. There is a workaround for this, you can set the table summary name to “Page Total” and then below or above the table you can add a card component to add up all the records.

Let me know if this works or if you need more help.


Thanks for your response.

Indeed there is a need for this feature, but the workaround you mentioned is not as nice from a design stand point. It would be much better to have it integrated in the table.