Table consolidation issue

Hi community
I’m facing an issue with a not so complex strucutre, but cannot find the solution
This is for a Timesheet application

I have a table timesheet with a form to create new record by any user

I have two joined table, to consolidate information of the timesheet

One is to consolidate all the timesheet by month for the user who created the time
It is my monthly consolidate table
The goal is to have a record, by month, by user, linked to all the timesheet of this user

One is to conslidate all the timesheet by month by responsible of timesheet
It is my invoicing consildate table
The goal is to have a record, by month, linked to all the timesheet where the responsible is set for this month

I’m ok to create in advance the record for those two consolidate table

But i cannot find a way (in tadabase, not with Make), to link a new timesheet to the corresponding consildate record (user + month + year) or (responsible + month + year)

Thanks a lot in advance for your help

Hey @selofer! Not sure I fully understand the issue. Maybe some screenshots will help. Meanwhile, did you see the time tracker sample app?

Maybe that will help you with structuring your app.

Hi Sam
thanks a lot for you quick feedback
Attach is an exemple
It represent the second consildate table process (made on knack for now, but impossible to make the auto link without Integromat)

In the top you have the record “Facturation” (means invoicing) who should be automatically linked to my timesheets (table in the bottom)
In this top record, i have an action button to “validate” the facturation for the month (so this record has it own status)

The process should be
when i have entered the timesheet of the 4 of july, the system should aiutomatically link this record to the record “Facturation” of the same month and specific user named on the timesheet

in other words
Jhon as work 0,25 on july 4th
Mike as work 1 on july 5th
Tom is responsible for Jhon and mike, so he can access his invoicing record and see the two timesheet of Jhon and Mike

thanks a lot for your help


Maybe i can explain it a bit differently

for a person on fill in its Times day by day
I need to know, by person, the sum of his times, and how many times he has left against the total number of working day in the month

Exemple for one person
Times are
Jim , 1 july : 0,5 days
Jim , 2 july : 0,5 days

The consolidation is
Jim - July - 20 open days - sum times (1) - Time left 20 - 1

hope this is clear
thanks for your help

@selofer you should be able to accomplish that easily with an equation. See here: Equation Fields | Tadabase