Table Filter - Previous Year...not 12 months

Hey Tada Community-

Can anyone point me in the right direction of how to select a filter that only captures the last year of records? There is the ability to filter the last 12 months but that includes dates for the current year as well.


Hi Adam,

Are you looking to filter only records that are during 2020 for example? Let us know what you want (and don’t want) to see.

During the previous X will do anything that is current and older than now up until the interval you specify.

Often the trick to fine tunning the perfect date filters requires using more than one filter. For example: During the previous X months

We have an internal document I’ll post here soon with a breakdown of all the filters with examples.

Hi @moe-

It would be helpful to have the option like the first example in the picture that allows anything for the current year to be filtered. So in my case I’d have two filters that say “YTD” and “Last Year”. That way I don’t have to continually go into an application and change the filters from 202x to 202y each year.

Does that make sense?

I totally get it and thanks for clarifying.

I’ll look into making this a simple option. it’s a bit tricky to to categorize it (unless we put it under the ‘is’ option. So when you choose ‘is’ you can either put in a static date or some options like: last year, next year.

Either way you can accomplish this without having to redo this every year by adding two filters together.

In case this is helpful to the community, I’ll try and explain a bit about the during and previous filters.

During does count the present, therefore:

  • Is during the previous 1 years = during this year (2021) and the previous 1 year (2020).
  • Is during the previous 2 years = during this year (2021) and the previous 2 year (2020 & 2019).

Before doesn’t cound the present. so:

  • Is before the previous 0 years = before this year = 2020 and older.
  • Is before the previous 1 years = before last year, meaning, before 2020 = 2019 and older.
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Thanks @moe. Worked just fine.

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