Table Filters based on current record value

I don’t think this is easily (*see below) achievable currently so I wondered if this could be considered for the future…an enhancement to filtering in table values.

I’ve have three tables, Customers, Documents, and Projects.

Documents are joined to both Customers and Projects, since I can store a document that is customer related or if it relates specifically to one of their projects I join it to both the Customer and the Projects Table. The Projects table is also joined to the Customer Table too.

When the user is within the Project Form Page, I’m displaying a table of Documents that are related to that Project but ideally I’d like to have a filter that is applied by default and filters on current Record / Project (so that it shows just a customer’s specific project’s documents) and then when the filter is disabled it shows all Customer Documents.

From what I understand you can’t use the current record value as a filter and you appear to have to filter by a specific value.

(* I could create two tables and have a toggle switch that hides / unhides them)

If there is another solution or idea I’m happy to explore…