Table Structure - working with friendly names and IDs

Connecting tables with friendly names is a quick win but it opens the door to other challenges.

For instance if Table A is “Customers” and Table B is “Files”, every record in each table has an ID (I’m using the auto-increment field for this currently). On the front end, if a customer is created with “John Smith” & record ID 1224, in the UX I’d select “John Smith” when adding an associated Imagine/File.

In the backend and in a table it’s important that I’m able to associate uniqueness between the file and customer. If I were to filter a table for files associated to “John Smith”, if I have more than 1 customer with that name (high likelihood), the results would show files from different customers who have the same name.

Below if I add both the “Customer Name” and “Record ID” fields as the connections, when associating a Customer Name to a record, the corresponding record ID doesn’t populate.

What I can’t seem to figure out is friendly association as well as unique association.

Typically if I make a connection with a customer name field to a table, I’d also want to connect a unique field like ID.

What’s the right approach here?