Tabs feature - how to navigate between tabs with hyperlinks

I am using the Tabs feature: it feels great - almost like a Singe Page Application.

I use it for workflows. So in each tab I have an overview of, in this case, Purchase Orders in different stage of the PO workflow.
When I move one PO to the next stage, I add a comment in a pop-up form.

In the submit rules, you can choose to go to a particular page.

Is it possible that you can also choose in which Tab the page will open?

If you can identify the tab then you could also add the link to the menu, so different stages can be reached through the menu.

@Tim do you have some ideas?

Could this be added to the Tabs feature, or is there some hyperlink you could construct to open-up in a particular tab?

Without this feature, I would need to move to separate pages again.


@tim.young any comments?